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Why effective communication is the key to success as a team.

Communication is the key to the ultimate success of your business; without it, millions of dollars could be lost due to low productivity, conflict, and employee turnover. The team needs to learn the skill of communication, being understood and understanding what is being said to us. Breakdown in this essential link can cost your company significantly.

Breakdown in communication can cause coworkers to lose trust, often this is just a misunderstanding. The Holmes Report reviewed 400 corporations and found that in the largest corporations in the U.S. and the U.K., the price for communication barriers were around $62 million in productivity in each corporation.

This problem can be easily solved though effective communication. Are you interested? Find out more.

What is a Life Languages™ ?

A Life Languages™ is a preferred communication style. While everyone has a preferred style, all people speak all 7 languages. Life Languages™ does not put people in a box but gives a foundation to stand on by raising awareness of self and others and cracking the code to effective communication.

Kendall Life Languages Profile™

Individuals who want a greater understanding of themselves to leverage their unique strengths, yet grow in every aspect of their lives. Leaders, businesses, and corporations who are ready to bring more value into the marketplace and change their culture from the inside out. Couples and groups wanting to be more effective in communication, develop deeper relationships, and gain better understanding of each other. Jamey Bryan is a Life Languages International ™️ Independant Certified Communication Coach and can help you through personal coaching or group seminars. Take your profile by clicking below or contact us for seminar information.