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Leadership Development

Many leadership development programs are often located far from the office. They can be incredibly expensive and may not even be beneficial to yourself or your team. With Bryan Legacy Services, our personalized leadership development always has your specific needs in mind. We’re ready to give your leaders the competitive advantage they deserve.

Improving Teamwork

There are a particular set of skills are required for proper collaboration between leaders and team members: Appreciation of individual talents, transparent communication, and creative conflict resolution. By working together, they have a direct impact on your organization and become much more than the sum of its parts.

Performance Management

Beyond just a quarterly performance review, our performance management solutions inspire your leaders and team members. They will become flexible and expertly responsive in addressing the short-term and long-term challenges of the office. Ultimately, this will lead to even greater achievements for your organization.

What my Clients Say About Me

BLS went above and beyond to serve our team. We initially needed support conducting a refueling outage. However, based on Jamey's advice after the observation period we made major leadership changes that resulted in a very successful outage.
Senior VP of Operations Day & Zimmerman
Jamey was instrumental in the development and execution of our latest outage long-range planning process that takes place during our current refueling outage.
Program Manager Nuclear Power Group Tennessee Valley Authority