About Jamey Bryan

Jamey Bryan is the President and Owner of Bryan Legacy Services. Utilizing decades of experience in leading large organizations, large scale projects, performance improvement initiatives, and solving complex problems at nuclear power generating facilities, he can custom build a solution for your performance difficulty that works. 

As Jamey climbed the corporate ladder in his industry, he learned by trial and error what worked and what definitely did not. In his words, he “knows what T-shirts you don’t want”. He developed a keen eye for what good looks like and a passion to turn good into great by pursuing excellence for himself and his teammates. 

Jamey worked his way up from a maintenance technician to executive leadership in the nuclear power industry.

This challenging path blessed him with a unique method for developing solutions for the root cause of complex problems by involving those who execute the tasks in all phases of the process. He understands that engagement and buy-in from all levels of an organization is crucial for building a culture of excellence. Jamey’s ability to understand the perspective and needs from the shop floor to the senior leader enable him to effect lasting cultural change in the organization by breaking down the communication barriers between each level.  

Jamey also learned some hard lessons that taught him the importance of having a coach to help him with leadership development and decision-making ability. He found it is truly lonely at the top and you can find yourself “breathing your own exhaust if you do not have an outside and independent coach to aide in your development”. Knowing the pain of failure and the peace his own mentors gave him at crucial times in his development drives him to provide a 10 to 1 return on investment to those he coaches.